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Kerala Rail Development Corporation (K-Rail), a Joint Venture company of Government of Kerala and Ministry of Railways  aims to be a leading organisation in the field of development, redevelopment, operation and maintenance of railway works with passenger amenities of international standards and aims to complete the projects with high standards of safety, comfort, value-added services and efficiency by adopting the best technological practices, sound financial strategy and optimum utilisation of the resources.


Administratively approved; Let's leap into reality ...
The Thiruvananthapuram-Kasaragod semi high-speed rail corridor (Silver Line)-an ambitious project aimed at sustainable development of Kerala, is finally ready for its dream leap to reality. The state cabinet held on June 9th has given the nod for commencing the preparatory works related to land acquisition for the Semi high-speed rail project. The cabinet presided over by Chief Minister Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan also decided to give Administrative Sanction for taking a loan of 2,100 Cr. from Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) as the state’s share for land acquisition. 

Kerala Rail Development Corporation Limited, the implementing agency, is taking various steps to expedite the processes as per the RFCTLARR Act. 2013. Prior to the land acquisition, a social impact study and public hearings by district administration will be conducted as per the provisions in the Act.

The Railway Board, the NITI Ayog, and the Department of Expenditure have already supported and recommended to the Union Finance Ministry to mobilize multilateral loans of Rs 33,700 crore from international financial institutions. HUDCO has already sanctioned a loan of Rs 3,000 crore for the first phase of land acquisition on the Silver Line from Kochuveli to Chengannur which is under consideration by the State Government. With the final approval of the Union Ministry of Railways for the project, which has already got in-principle approval by the Railway Board, the economic growth of post-covid Kerala will be revived.
 Special consideration for megaprojects - Chief Minister  
Honourable Chief Minister Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan said that in view of the development of the state, special consideration will be given to Mega projects including Silver Line and they will be completed on time. He was speaking to the media after the cabinet meeting on May 26. 

‘‘There should be interventions to complete major projects that can change the face of Kerala. Further action should be taken on the Kochi-Bangalore Industrial Corridor and the Ernakulam-Mangalore Industrial Corridor. Semi High-Speed Railway is a project that has received great acclaim. Coastal and hill highways will make a big difference in Kerala. The Cabinet decided to give importance to all these,’’ the Chief Minister added.
 SilverLine is a game-changing project for Kerala- Governor 
Honorable Governor Shri. Arif Mohammed Khan on May 28, while addressing the newly sworn-in Kerala Assembly said that SilverLine is an ambitious project of the Kerala Government.

"It will introduce cost-effective semi high-speed rail travel for the first time in Kerala. SilverLine will be a game-changer providing a convenient mode of transport to the people of Kerala by reducing the travel time from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargod to four hours from the existing 12 hours’’  Governor added. 

Focus on Govt's priority projects-Chief Minister
Chief Minister Shri.Pinarayi Vijayan has directed the officials to expedite the priority infrastructure projects and complete them in time bound manner by recovering lost momentum following Covid outbreak.
CM was Reviewing the Major projects at a meeting at Thiruvananthapuram on June 16th. 
The CM directed the officials to give priority to rehabilitation wherever land was to be acquired for development. He also asked the officials to expedite the social impact assessment study of SilverLine project.
Priority is to complete SilverLine-
Railway Minister
Shri. V. Abdurahiman, Minister for Railways, Kerala said that Government's present priority is to complete the Thiruvananthapuram-Kasaragod Semi High-Speed Rail Corridor soon. 

The SilverLine project will reduce the travel time and pave the way for faster travel from south to north. More railway development plans will be revealed later, he added.
Independent Department for Major Projects
A special independent department has been set up under the Chief Minister for the implementation and supervision of major projects. The Chief Secretary will now report directly to the Chief Minister on the progress of major projects, which will facilitate the approval, implementation, and procedures of the projects at a speedy pace.
The Department of Public Administration had directed that the Department of Planning and Economic Affairs, which was a sub-division to apprise the Chief Minister and Ministers of the progress of major projects, be made a separate independent department under a Principal Secretary. This will pave the way for the development department, which comes into existence with independent powers, to implement mega projects in the state in a time-bound manner. 
Water Metro to be Linked with SilverLine
The water metro will be extended to the proposed Semi high-speed rail corridor(SilverLine) terminal near Kakkanad Inforpark. Thus the proposed jetty will come up near SilverLine station at Kakkanad as a first ever integrated Transpor hub consist of Water metro, Metro rail, Semi high-speed rail and Bus terminal in the country. The water metro has completed the terminal at vyttila and Kakkanad and is getting ready for operations, Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) authorities said. 
'Green Signal' on the environmental aspects of SilverLine
Kerala Rail Development Corporation Limited (K-Rail) hosted a webinar ‘Green Signal’ on Saturday. The webinar discussed the environmental aspects of the SilverLine project. The webinar opined that Kerala is putting forward a sustainable development model through the SilverLine, which envisages eco-friendliness by following the Green Protocol during the construction and operational stages. The webinar organized on Environment Day also provided an open discussion for speakers to explain the 'environmental aspects' of the project. 'Green Signal' was launched as part of the ‘K-Rail Talks’; a series of online webinar series by K-Rail to create a clear awareness among the public about the SilverLine project.

John Samuel alias JS Adoor, President of the Institute for Sustainable Development and Governance and former Head of the UNDP Global Program, said that transportation systems such as the SilverLine are essential for the sustainable development of the country. He added that the SilverLine project should be implemented after consulting the public and resolving their concerns.

Joseph KJ, General Manager (Civil), K-Rail, who moderated the webinar, said that the propaganda that Silverline would split Kerala in two was baseless, as the project would facilitate the crossing of the railway line every 500 meters at places where the train passes. The land acquisition for the project would be done only after conducting a detailed EIA and social impact assessment; he added.

Dr. Vinod TR, Director, Center for Environment and Development Programs, remarked that SilverLine said that a rapid environment impact study has been conducted after studying in detail all environmental aspects of the project.  K-Rail Joint General Manager and Company Secretary G.Anil Kumar said that the SilverLine project would pave the way for a revival of the economy of Kerala in the post-Covid era. 

Dr. Babu Ambat, Executive Director, Center for Environment and Development, proposed at the webinar that the Silverline project should be realized through an approach that takes into account all aspects, including environmental and economic aspects.Joseph KJ, Dr. Vinod TR and G. Anilkumar answered people's queries on environmental aspects in the webinar.
LTE-R standard for SilverLine SHSR Project
Project Management /Rail Systems Expert,  (M/s Systra)
Thomas Joseph Thandapral

Kerala Rail Development Corporation Ltd. (KRDCL) SILVERLINE project envisage to implement the Long-Term Evolution for Railways (LTE-R) standard to enable high-speed wireless Rail voice and data communications. Silver Line project to implement the proven system, European Train Control System Level – 2 (ETCS Level-2) with LTE-R standard for Signaling & Train Control and Communication system.  Using LTE-R will help KRDCL to build safer and more efficient Silver Line Rail Operations. Implementation of LTE-R network will enhance the Train Control, dispatching, passenger information system, CCTV and other associated rail services. 

What is LTE-R?
The LTE-R is the next-generation standard that supports the communication network dedicated for Railways with high speed and capacity for wireless data transmission networks and enables the delivery of multi-service traffic into a single wireless network. LTE-R also enables Rail Control solutions which enhances the system stability and data encryption and security. 

Benefits of LTE-R:

LTE-R communications network for railway services enables high-speed wireless voice and data communications within trains, train to the ground, and from train to train. This network supports voice communication among drivers, control center operators, maintenance, and other railway staff by supporting push-to-talk group communication and broadcasting. It provides data communication for the train control signaling and other operation and maintenance as well as text messaging during voice communication, multimedia communication for wireless video surveillance and passenger information and entertainment services

LTE-R supports existing GSM-R services and improves end-to-end performance and reliability.

LTE-R prevents interference by using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing sub-carrier scheduling to detect frequency interference.  

LTE-R provides Security as an important feature. of LTE networks. Measures are taken on User Identity Confidentiality, Entity Authentication, User Equipment (UE) Authentication, Confidentiality and Integrity for Signaling and User Data, Non-Access Stratum (NAS) Security, etc.
Experts Speak 

Most suitable project for Kerala 

Rolling stock expert Sri. Priyesh explains why the SilverLine Semi High-Speed Rail corridor is the most suitable transport project for Kerala. 

SilverLine Ridership Survey

In this video, Sri. Arun Savi, M/s Systra's transport planner, explains the 'Ridership Survey' conducted as part of the Silverline project. 
Tech Trivia

SilverLine Savings

SilverLine is a big saving project. Those savings are:

• Savings in travel time
• Savings from vehicle operation cost
• Savings due to reduced environmental pollution
• Accident cost savings
• Savings due to reduced road stress
Myths vs Facts


SilverLine's EIA study is not conducted by an accredited agency!


Rail projects are not included in the Schedule‐I of the EIA Notification, 2006. This schedule lists the projects which require an environmental clearance certificate from the MoEFCC, India. Agencies are accredited for EIA study on a sector basis. As railway projects are not in Schedule-1, no agency is accredited in India for doing EIA studies on rail projects. But, K-Rail in its commitment to safeguarding the environment has entrusted CED to carry out the Rapid EIA as part of the DPR preparation. K-Rail is now in the process of further comprehensive EIA studies as part of K Rail's commitment to its environmental policy.
Do you Know?
Silverline project will have the least impact on Environment and Social causes
SilverLine employs ‘Industry Best Practices' for the management of the environment and social effects of the project. K-Rail will take an appropriate Environment Management Plan for protecting and enhancing nature in all its planned operations and go along in compliance with all environmental legislations.
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