Latest technology Signalling System with highest security level

Mr. Surendar Kumar
Signaling & Communications Expert

The Signalling & Train Control system proposed for SilverLine is ETCS Level-2 with LTE (with design speed of 250 kmph), which is the latest technology for high speed trains with highest security level to ensure that the operational activities are developed following strict safety requirements.

  • Highest security level to ensure the operational activities
  • Ensuring safety in train movements
  • High quality of service
  • Real Time Multimedia information to control room

This type of signal system is used for semi high speed and high speed train operations in most advanced countries in the world. The train operation is fully automated by the signal train interface and the train speed and braking are monitored and controlled by the system in a real time basis. It is also provided with anti-collision and high security safety features.

Communication System
The Communication System proposed for SilverLine is LTE (Long Term Evolution), which is the latest technology based on fourth generation (4G) broad-band systems that offer higher data rates, while supporting extremely high bandwidth consuming applications such as on train Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance apart from very high level train monitoring.

Video Surveillance (Live Feed) through CCTV cameras in trains along with Video Analytics for Passenger Security

Faster data network Communication for voice, video and other related applications for High Speed Train network.

Faster passenger information and amenities like all types of display, wi-fi facilities in trains and stations and emergency needs.

World Class Ticketing Facility
The Ticketing and fare collection system proposed for the SilverLine is of world class standard. The SilverLine rail transit system is expected to handle a large volume of passengers.

The ticketing & fare collection system is an Automatic computerized system for effective management of the process of reservation, ticket issues and inspection with a view of improving convenience of users.

The Automatic Gate (AG) is provided at station with automatic entry and exit gates for ticket validation and inspection of tickets. There is also facility to integrate other modes of transport like Indian railway trains and other urban transport with single travel cards with automatic charging facilities to ensure seamless travel without disruption and unnecessary queuing at each stage.


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