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Kerala Rail Development Corporation Ltd (K-Rail)

KRDCL is a joint venture organization jointly established by Government of Kerala and Ministry of Railways, Government of India for prospering the railway infrastructure in the state of Kerala. K-Rail undertakes railway projects from its inception to operation which will inter-alia include the preparation and submission of Detailed Project Report (DPR) and obtain required approvals from appropriate authorities for the implementation of the project.


Why No Bonus Casino Appeals to High Rollers

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The Advantage of No Bonuses

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Exclusive VIP Treatment

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No bonus casinos have gained popularity among high rollers for several reasons. The absence of wagering requirements and restrictions, the exclusive VIP treatment, and the focus on privacy and anonymity all contribute to the appeal of these casinos for high rollers. By offering a premium and tailored gambling experience, no bonus casinos have successfully positioned themselves as a top choice for high rollers seeking excitement, freedom, and the chance to win big.

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To complete the Projects in the country with high standards of safety, comfort, value added services and efficiency by adopting the best technological practices, sound financial strategy and optimum utilization of resources



To be a leading organization in the field of development, redevelopment, operation and maintenance of railway works with passenger amenities of international standards.


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Chief Secretary, Govt. of Kerala


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Principal Secretary (Finance)


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Secretary (Transport Department)


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Chief Engineer (Construction)


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Executive Director (Works), Railway Board




Development, redevelopment, operation & maintenance

of railway works with passenger amenities of international standards.

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